“A lovely historical romance takes readers back to the 1890 Oklahoma territory. (T)he author conjures a convincing picture of life on the Oklahoma prairie, painting an absorbing portrait of the landscape and of the people there. A high-quality, absorbing drama.”Kirkus, 02/01/12
“A little bit The Luxe, a little bit Hattie Big Sky, and all swoon. Rowr.” -Leila Roy, Kirkus YA Blog, March 5, 2012
“Authentic historical setting and sweet romance.”Booklist Online, April 2012
Mitchell incorporates the magical elements of the novel believably, and the climactic scene… is compelling.”School Library Journal, March 2012
“(Zora is) a tough and resourceful heroine; this novel is… a good read.” VOYA, 4Q 4P, April 2012